Process Pro™ was founded in 2017 by owner, Bernie Adams. With almost two decades of experience, Bernie has been in the middle of numerous process challenges throughout various industries. Through teaching the Six Sigma/Lean program styles, the process has been proven to work time and time again across multiple industries. Some of the companies Bernie has helped revolutionize their processes include highly disciplined fields such as pharmaceuticals, government, aerospace, manufacturing, and healthcare.

Positive change can never happen if there is no reliability within a process

Consider this. Think of the best company you know. The one that you depend on and get the expected result the majority to all-of-the-time. The one that you trust to produce a reliable product. It could be one of your suppliers, your tailor, grocery store, or favorite restaurant. You too could achieve process revolution like they have!

In Six Sigma/Lean classes or in performance-improvement work, Process Pro™ often refers to the McDonald’s example, and here’s why: Their Big Mac is the same no matter where in the country you go. If you are in San Francisco, Phoenix, or Miami, a Big Mac is a Big Mac. If you enjoy a Big Mac, you have come to rely on this truth. How are they so successful in creating the same, reliable product over and over, despite having some of the newest workforce in America? The process doesn’t vary. The end result: The best-selling burger in the country!

Simply put: The best process, if not followed in the same way by all employees, isn’t the best process at all. It’s a “Hope it works out” process. Cross your fingers and kiss some of your customers and profits goodbye. On the other hand, if you take a bad process and make each step RELIABLE, then you can measure and fix it!

Process Pro is designed with one thing in mind – helping your entire business focus on developing and mastering reliability.