FAQ I already have process maps at my company. What difference will a SmartMap be?
Absolutely anything! If you have a process (think, step 1, step 2, etc.), then a SmartMap™ will be the tool that will help you drive consistency and reliability!
Almost all simple process maps are created without the detail and insight that can be followed by the people performing the task. They are too high level. A SmartMap™ is not only the guide by which all employees should follow to ensure a high level of reliability, but it is also all of the Six Sigma/Lean insight that the experts of Process Pro™ put into it, as well as the industry expertise that you and your staff add. It is the process of working together to create the SmartMap that brings the biggest changes to your company. When we are done and the SmartMap™ is finished and the SmartMap™ is finished, then you’ll have an effective and understood tool that will help guide you and your staff going forward.
For sure! Most SOP’s are vague, and don’t have enough detail to guide an employee to success. Working with Process Pro to create a SmartMap™ for all of your SOP’s is a way to ensure that they will be followed.
No problem! There will be questions about your process that will need to be answered.  We recommend engaging your employees who do the work when answering. What is broken? Frustrating? Takes the longest? Has the biggest opportunity? When you have identified that, give it a name, and begin here. After filling out the form and sending it to Process Pro™, we’ll begin with your custom process evaluation and send back a draft map.
The process will really depend on you. It takes about 48 hours for Process Pro™ to give you your customized evaluation and draft map. There will be questions about your process that will need to be answered, many of them you will want to include your employees with. If you are putting the time in to answer questions and send them back in to Process Pro™, it can take as little as a week’s time.
Any tool that is to be effective needs to be clearly understood. Therefore, a process map that is too lengthy tends to be ineffective, as staff rarely has the time or patience to adhere to them. Therefore, any process that will take up more than 3 pages will be divided into smaller sub-processes of no more than 3 pages each.

For example, the process of “responding to a maintenance request” might be broken down into, “how to submit a request”, “how to process the request”, and “how to fix and close the issue”. These will then become 3 different SmartMaps™, and your company can use each of these to drive consistency and reliability with each sub-process. Where these natural breaks occur, though, will depend on your preference and understanding of the process.

For detailed listing, click here. When you consider the cost that inconsistent and unreliable processes are costing you, and compare to the high hourly fee of a process consultant or hiring your own full time employee to resolve process issues, Process Pro becomes the best value for your money!
Congratulations! You have taken the first step toward making substantial improvements! The SmartMap™ is the “playbook” to drive reliability and consistency to your processes. Now, get the SmartMap™ out to the workplace where the process is being worked, and use it as a leadership tool to ensure that everyone is adhering to it. Remember: consistency and reliability is the key!
That depends on you and your staff. Now that you have consistency, your staff should be able to find any delays, sources of errors, or other areas of concerns if they exist. Give them an outlet to share their thoughts, and as a group (that’s the key), change any steps that you feel would be an improvement. The important thing to remember is to remain consistent by making sure everyone is still following the approved process. When you see the results that you want, send us an e-mail and we’ll update your SmartMap™!
Most companies fail in good solid process improvement efforts because they don’t realize that the key to making any change is to first be consistent and reliable with your current process. Come see how ProcessPro™ can change that!