Every business owner must know THIS one thing to be successful

Starting a company isn’t easy. Keeping it alive and profitable is even tougher. There are many reasons people point to when describing the keys to success. Things like:

  • Delivering value
  • Connecting with target customer
  • Control expenses/lower costs
  • Competing in the marketplace
  • …and many more

All of these components are vital to a successful business. But all of them are controlled by one thing. One thing that you need to understand and master before success is not only optimized, but almost guaranteed.

This single piece of knowledge I call “the monster,” because it is a creature that can either tear our business apart or protect it at all times. You might not even know that it’s there.

The monster is within every business. It is hungry. On the outside, it looks like you and I. It blends in with all of your employees, talks about the weekend activities at the water cooler, and enjoys the department’s monthly birthday parties. The monster is so unassuming that you don’t even recognize it when you are looking right at it

Do you know what prevents you from being successful?
The monster destroys the morale of your employees. It causes errors, increases risk, increases turnaround time, increases costs, and makes for unhappy customers.

The monster that is destroying your company is always hungry. It is always looking to eat. It feeds on the unaware.

One final word of warning: the monster that is eating your company has a very special camouflage that has protected it for decades. It hides in plain sight, and is right in front of you every day. What is this special camouflage? Why can’t you see the monster? Because the monster is the most boring thing you can come across.

The monster’s name is “Process”.

Don’t believe me? Answer this question: what does the word “process” mean? Go ahead and think about it. I’ll wait…

Most people will give a quick answer like, “how something gets done.” Oh boy… I can see the monsters’ teeth marks already. It’s not a wrong answer… but it shows that you are chumming the waters before the big feed.

But we already have lots of processes! We are busy every day!

Think of it like this: every day your business and its employees have hundreds, thousands, maybe millions of tasks that need to be performed. Pick your most important one. Or pick your least important one if you’d like. If you were to watch this task, observing “how it gets done”, would you see the same actions each and every time? Would the results be exactly the same because of this? Or is your process filled with “it depends” situations that you think are out of your control?

“Process” is either the reason why your company is so successful, or it’s the reason why it’s not.

You and your company either think about process as “how something gets done”, or by specifying each and every step that occurs to ensure that the output of that step is predictable by design. Your leadership team either understands this, or they don’t. They either feed the monster every day by excusing away process variation, or they starve the monster by continually removing the food source.

If your goal is to increase revenue, decrease costs, improve patient satisfaction, increase market share, etc., you can’t do so without being reliable and consistent with everything you do. The one thing that is standing in your way: the Monster. Defeat the monster by embracing the details of your processes.

A well-defined and followed process is the foundation to every successful business.

Businesses struggle to be anything more than mediocre when the monster is alive and healthy within. To be successful, you need to spend time with the details, ensuring that every important interaction is understood and followed by design. (To read more about how to have more clear communication with and between employees, read our blog, First step to effective communication).

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