How? SmartMaps™ is the tool that will show you how to get RELIABILITY within every process in your business.

Working with Process Pro™ is refreshingly easy. These are your processes. You decide where to change them and how to implement any change. The key is knowing what reliability looks like.

In order for a process to be reliable, all of the steps that are performed need to be done in a consistent manner by all involved so that the output of that step can be depended upon. Each time that an employee strays from the established process, the process becomes more unreliable. Delays occur. Waste happens. Costs rise. Employees get frustrated. Customers are unhappy.

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“The key is to keep your process reliable.”

SmartMaps™ is the tool that will show you how to get RELIABILITY within every process in your business. Here’s how it works:

Pick a process. Any process. Pick something that you want to improve/fix/become reliable.

Send it to Process Pro™. We turn your process into a tangible tool – a simple process map. Then we evaluate your process in order to identify areas of opportunities. Specifically, we’re looking for specific areas where your process is vague, oversimplified, under simplified, or otherwise potentially confusing to your staff who perform the process. Once we perform this analysis, we send the original map, along with our evaluation, to you.

You fill in the blanks. By reading our evaluation, you and your team (we highly recommend utilizing leadership and members of your working staff) come up with answers to the evaluation questions. By doing so, you’ll quickly see where your existing process has been lacking in key areas, and why it has been unreliable.

You send in your answers back to Process Pro™. We take your responses, evaluate one final time, and if your new steps address the evaluation process concerns, then Process Pro™ creates the final SmartMap™.

The SmartMap™ is sent back to you in final form, where you and your leadership team can implement the new improved process, and begin to drive RELIABILITY within your work processes. Now you have a very clear, precise, and reliable tool that everyone can follow to bring dependability to everything you do. It IS that easy!

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