Nine things that slow down your business

Faster turn-around time is the popular answer to most businesses biggest problems. Want happier customers? Bring the product or service to them faster. Need to raise your revenue? Produce more per day.

We live in an age where the customers want convenience. There are few “convenient” things that are also slow. So unless you’re hoping that your workers decide they can simply “work faster” each day, you’ll need to fix a few things around the office.

Keep an eye out

Suffering from slow turn-around times?

Here’s a list of nine things that you should be looking out for that will slow down your business.

• Lack of a standard process
• Employees not following a standard process
• Batching
• Waiting for “inputs” (necessary items/information that needs to be provided)
• Excess movement/walking by employees to get required material/tools/information
• Too many “checks” and “double-checks”
• Having to re-do part of the process due to a mistake or overlooked item
• Adding something that the customer doesn’t want or need
• Employees searching for needed material/tools/information

What to do

If you want to decrease turn-around times, don’t spend time flogging your already overworked staff into working harder. Instead, look at your processes to see if there are any of these traits. If there are, your first step will be to resolve these before moving forward.

If these issues persist, the result of any other improvement effort will be diminished by these signs of waste.

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