The hidden killer of your brand

You are working hard to develop your company’s brand.   Its identity.  You’ve spent time brainstorming, researching, and discussing.   You’ve probably even spent money with branding experts.

Now you’ve got a great vision that you are hoping will stick in the brain of every one of your potential customers.

All that’s left to do is to put it on your website and other marketing materials, and you can get ready for the money to start rolling in.  Right?

There are many things that are needed for a great branding campaign, but there’s one sneaky aspect that most businesses don’t think about: variation.


Yes – the same issue that can severely impact customer satisfaction (see DO YOU KNOW HOW YOUR CUSTOMERS SEE YOU?) is also the same thing that will render your branding ineffective.

Put simply, if your own employees can’t recite and live out the new company branding, as well as explain it to their family and friends in the same meaningful way, then how can you expect your customers to understand?

The quick fix

Once you have the right words, message, vision, colors, and logo ready to go and set for print, ask yourself these simple questions:

  • How are we rolling out this new brand to the employees?
  • How are we going to ensure that everyone is not only aware, but living our new brand?
  • How are we measuring the success of our efforts?

Words on a page – or a new identity?

If your employees don’t live the brand – if they can’t recite it and show how the vision comes alive in their daily work life – then they are just words on a page.

Before you roll it out – make sure you have a plan to ensure that all staff have the same meaning for your new brand.   Ensure that they “get” your vision and know how they contribute to it.

Make sure that all of your employees turn into the best marketing tool you have by enabling them to express to their family and friends all about the new brand.   If the message isn’t consistent, or if it isn’t clear to your staff, then your branding message will be ineffective.

By taking a little time to purposely prevent variation with your branding communication, you are giving yourself the best chance for success.

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